Meet Kyle

Democratic Candidate for Congress

Kyle Moore is a successful, enthusiastic, business-minded Hoosier.  He has dedicated his career to fighting against devastating diseases. He has worked in our communities to give a helping hand to those in need. And now, he’s running to be your Congressman!

Early Life

Kyle was raised in Warsaw, Indiana as the son of a legal secretary and a laborer.  As one of three boys, Kyle grew up in constant competition in the sports arena and the classroom.  His mother, the daughter of a farmer and teacher, and his father, the son of a GM retiree and a homemaker, instilled values shared by all Hoosiers – hard work, respect, compassion, and determination.  Like many Hoosier families, hardships hit Kyle’s family. Divorce, poverty, food scarcity, constant moving, and evictions became the norm for several years. When the structure around Kyle was collapsing, a compassionate, loving, and generous community provided him with food, shelter, and order.  To this day, Kyle is grateful for the love his family and the Concord Community poured into his life when he needed it most. Kyle works everyday to make these loving people proud of the man he has become. Their leadership fuels Kyle forward to be the same type of leader for the people of the 5th district.  

Career & Community Involvement

Kyle left Eli Lilly and Company after 7 years of service to run for Congress. He has led work streams across US and Global Markets.  He has fought for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, cancer, and osteoporosis. He has led projects through a complex, evolving regulatory environment.  His experience in the Biosciences has developed Kyle’s leadership, management, strategy, and execution skills. These skills have been put to work to benefit patients and the community in which Kyle lives.  It’s vitally important for the 5th district to be represented by someone who understands and knows how to navigate the healthcare environment.

In the community, Kyle’s passion to create a positive impact persists.  He is an active volunteer. He has worked as a ReadUP tutor through United Way of Central Indiana; has served as board member of nonprofits seeking to curve the impact of the opioid epidemic; has led a group of central Indiana companies focused on attracting and retaining talented professionals in Indiana; and has hosted a community fundraiser for Riley's Hospital for Children and the Nurse-Family Partnership program for four consecutive years.  


Kyle attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.  While at DePauw, Kyle learned to dream big, challenge the status quo, and promote change.  He earned his degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy. These subjects fueled his passion and desire to work in an industry where he could make a difference for people in his community. Upon graduating, Kyle went to work for a company who has employed Indiana workers for over 140 years – Eli Lilly & Company.  


Kyle and his wife Jaime were married in 2017. Jaime moved to Zionsville in the mid-nineties from England.  Her family came to central Indiana because her father was a top IndyCar designer.  Jaime attended Indiana University in Bloomington, graduating with a degree in biology.  After graduation, Jaime followed her heart to Purdue University to study veterinary medicine.  Jaime is now a practicing vet in Indianapolis. Jaime and Kyle enjoy spending time with friends and family.  They love to travel to new places and meet new people. As expected, Jaime and Kyle have a four-legged friend, Benjamin (“Benny” for short).



American Innovation is only matched by the strength of the American Worker. Our economy flourishes when American Workers are valued. Indiana is an attractive place for businesses to succeed and flourish. We need to double down on our principles and seek out opportunities for more Hoosiers to experience economic progress.

Small Business

Hoosiers are entrepreneurs, business leaders, and champions for our communities. We must ensure our policies and regulations encourage a robust and strong small business environment.

Tax Reform

Hoosier workers and their families need a tax policy that supports small business, investments in education, and the cost of healthcare.

Minimum Wage

Families living on the minimum wage are struggling to feed their families, invest in education, and support their communities. Let's work together with businesses to change this reality for Hoosiers.


We must ensure each child and young adult has access to the best possible education.


Teachers are our greatest asset in the public education system. They change lives and inspire greatness. We must recruit, retain, and empower teachers if we want our system to work.

Cost of Education: Early Childhood

Adequate early childhood education ensures children have the best chance to thrive as Indiana adults. More can be done to aid our working parents who invest so much into their child's care.

Cost of Education: Higher Ed

Students & Families are being crippled by the rising costs of attending our universities. We must work to reduce this dangerous trend so our brightest students can achieve their dreams.


The highest quality care by the highest qualified doctors and nurses at the most affordable cost.

Mental Health

We need to reinvest in a robust mental health program for Hoosiers who need assistance and care in this area of their health.

Opioid and Substance Abuse

We need to drastically change the way we treat and rehabilitate Hoosier's struggling with addiction. We need open and innovative ways for patients to access and receive treatment.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare & Medicaid provide promised, earned, deserved, and, often times, desperately needed services. Let's strengthen these benefits, provide reimbursement clarity, and create efficiencies.

Community Health

Hospital systems continue to make strides in reducing the cost of healthcare. We need to do everything possible to incentivize positive patient outcomes while reducing financial burdens to families.

Workforce Readiness

For every job that requires a masters education, there are 2 jobs that require a bachelors education, and 7 jobs that require a high school education. We must arm our young girls and boys with the skills necessary to perform at all layers of our economy.


We need to invest in building a new workforce of capable, high performing Hoosiers for the manufacturing industry in central Indiana.

Work Readiness

The education system must provide high school graduates with the experiences, skills, and opportunities to enter the labor force upon graduation.  


The values, goals, and priorities of voters are better served when our voting districts are drawn with collaboration and compromise.

Redistricting Reform

Reforming our redistricting process with an independent or bipartisan commission to ensure our communities are represented appropriately.

Court Cases

Hoosiers should challenge unconstitutional redistricting efforts by political parties.  

Making our Voices Heard

We must engage and educate our neighbors and community members about the benefits of redistricting and removing gerrymander districts from our elections.


Events Schedule

Get to know Kyle and meet him in-person at any of the events he will be attending. For a list of local events follow the link below to our Facebook page and RSVP.


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